2006 Carb removal...

I've taken the exhaust and the tank off, and I'm trying to take the subframe off so that I can get to it. I unscrewed the seal that keeps the boot on. When I try to pull the swingarm off, it feels stuck. I'm not sure if that's the boot thats still stuck on or what... Is this the right way to get to the carb? I need help.

I dont recall needing to pull the whole swingarm off. If you have the botton subframe bolts removed and the top ones loosened and the bootsoff, it should just pivot up so you can pull the bolt from the top of the shock and then you have a clear shot to pull the carb.

It's better to just remove the whole rear shock make sure you loosened the correct clamp then just pull. It's probably just sticky

I got the subframe off, and I just took off the top bolt of the shock... does anyone have pictures of the screws that I need to loosen to pull the carb? would it have been easier to take off the whole shock, and how do you do that?

Yes completely remove the rear shock. Also tale of the black cover on the carb and you will see the two throttle cables inside that will have to be took off. After that there is the throttle position sensor and before you undo the torx bit mark it so you can line up the marks for assembly. Last will be the hot start which is a plastic nut then just pull the whole thing out. The rest will be just vent tubes. I know this because I've done this multiple times.

Alright, so I took the shock off... the two cables going into the accelerator pump (which I'm assuming are the throttle cables) won't come off, no matter how many times I turn the piece... are they stripped? They just keep turning...

Yes those are the throttle cables. From the front of the carb on the right side, you will see the two things you need to loosen. By spinning that It will loosen the nut on the inside. Once loose simply pull the cable forward and to the right and the cable will come off. This may sound stupid but make sure your turning the wrench the correct way.

Alright, so I took the shock off... the two cables going into the accelerator pump (which I'm assuming are the throttle cables) won't come off, no matter how many times I turn the piece... are they stripped? They just keep turning...

I have just been going thru a complete rebuild of my '05 and if I could offer my 2 cents...

1. Don't even try and take the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) off in situ. Find the plug for the lead wires and disconnect the plug. If you have to cut a cable tie or two along the way, it's a lot easier and cheaper than trying to reposition the sensor properly.

2. Leave the throttle cables on the carb. Remove the tops of the cable from the twist grip. Make notes/take pictures of how they are routed and then feed them back toward the carb.

3. There are 2 lower sub frame bolts. Get rid of them (don't chuck them out, of course).

4. Loosen but don't remove the long, upper subframe bolt. Back it off a couple of turns to make sure it's all nice and loose.

5. Immediately after the carb meets the small intermediate rubber adapter hose that joins it to the cylinder, there is a downward facing Phillips head screw that tightens the clamp - loosen this a lot, but don't take the screw all the way out. At least 5 - 6 complete turns.

6. ScreenShot366.jpg Item 26 - find the head and loosen this a lot - but don't take the screw out. At least 5 or 6 complete turns will do.

7. Disconnect the top hose from the airbox assembly - ScreenShot366.jpg - Item 17 and 14 where it meets the top of the airbox.

8. Holding the carb, pivot the frame up and try and wiggle the carb out of the intermediate hose that joins the carb to the engine.

9. Once free of the intermediate hose, you can get more grip and room on the carb to take the airbox boot off the carb - as suggested before, it may well be stuck - spraying some carb cleaner around the area might help.

10. Once free, you have ALL the room in the world to take the carb to the bench - have a good picture taking session and make some notes before you start removing bits. I find that loads and loads of pic's really helps me out, especially if having to come back the job after 3 or 4 days away from it.

Good luck!!! I wrote that all, because I struggled last night to FIT my carb on, and only after getting the shock out of my way and working out how best to orientate the hose clip (Item 26), so that I could still access the head of the screw without becoming a contortionist as well as some swearing, begging, pleading and gooning around did I eventually get it all one the way I wanted.

And I had pictures to work off - and they all just lacked the details of the EXACT areas I needed...

Good luck, have fun and remember, it's supposed to be about enjoyment - LOL!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

ive had my carb off a half dozen times and never once needed to pull the rear shock off.

take the sub frame all the way off, disconnect the hot start, take throttle cables off the carb, remove all the air breathers from the head. take carb off...

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