Crf 50 engine help

Hi everyone, im looking on putting a new engine in my stock 50, i found this, its a gpx 140 crate motor, i was wondering what else i am going to need other than whats in the link to get this bike up and going strong, how hard is it going to be to install and does the motor come assembled, any help would be appreciated, Thanks

I cant tell you what you'll need to get it into your 50, I have mine in a SSR 125 b2, which is a 50 based frame but is stretched and reinforced. I'm pretty sure you'll need tank spacers to clear the carb and you'll also need a new peg mount as teh stock 50 one will not bolt up to the new engine. You'll either need to figure out how to mount the oil cooler or purchase a jumper line (you have to either run the cooler or the jumper line, if you just block the oil ports you will damage the engine). Count on some headaches but nothing that a little time and a few bucks can't cure, lots of people have done this swap. That being said, I have this engine and it rips! Feels like twice the power of my stock jailing 125. I just bought the race cam for it but its been getting hot lately (Phoenix) so I might have to wait until fall to install and use it.

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