How do I Remove This Portion Of The PowerValve?


I'm stuck here can't figure out how this comes out? I've tried straight don't wanna pry!

If memory serves me correctly, that should just slide out. You've clearly removed the retainer at the top, so it is probably just spooge holding the valve in place.

Have you tried prying it off (gently) with a couple of really small flat bladed screwdrivers.

Try pushing the valve out by sticking your hand down the cylinder and pressing on the pv flapper through the exhaust port.

Some penetrating oil wouldn't hurt either, just to loosen things up a little.

Carbon is holding it in. Carb cleaner or similar and a good tug.

Thank you guys just didnt wanna break anything. I'll give it a whack tomorrow.

Worked like a charm just stuck a little!

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