How well do your cam dots line up?

I have an 05...

When I opened up the engine, the intake dots are pretty close, but the exhaust dots seem too far forward. If I line up the exhaust dots, they are pretty close, but the intake position almost looks of by a full tooth. (but it is indeed set at 15 pins).

I would immediately assume the chain is stretched, but it is supposedly not very old. (I believe it has been replaced because he gave me the old one)

I changed it to line up the Exhaust correctly and let the intake line up wherever The book doesn't specifically say that the intake has to be perfectly aligned like they note for the exhaust.

How do other people's cams look?

It seems to run about the same (but I had to adjust the pilot mixture), the decompression works a bit better and starts a bit better I think.

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There is a lot more chain between the crank gear and the exhaust than between the exhaust and intake. If it was stretched that bad, the timing mark and exhaust dot would not line up correct. Don't remember exactly how mine lined up, but the intake was very close with the exhaust and timing mark lined up. The key is to check it after new assembly. It's easy to not get it lined up because of slack in chain when assembling. Always turn the motor over by hand two revolutions and check timing again. (Don't forget to instal the cam chain tensioner first!)

Yeah... I seriously need to think about pulling the cam chain... is there a pin to pin measurement I can take t see if it is in spec (without removal?)

If the timing mark on the flywheel and the dot on the exhaust cam are lined up the way they are supposed to be, I would say the cam chain is good. But it is cheap insurance if you change to be on the safe side.

you don't think I should be concerned that the Intake doesn't line up like the picture in the book?

Is the intake that far off? Can you post some pics? Check the angle of the cam lobes. They should be the same angle in opposite directions.

I'll post some picks when I return next week.

the cams are 1 tooth different from the way it was when I bought the bike (it has been done by a dealer that screwed up a bunch of other stuff though)

I rode it last night, and it starts perfectly now and runs great.

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