Need Carb help!

So I took my carb apart today to move the needle clip to position 1 and when i took out the slide i found chips out of the bottoms and some chip around the sides of it off. Some of you may know ive been having a sploodge problem and i figure maybe this is what wrong? idk. I need a new slide and the cheapest i can find one is for $120. is this for real? Seems exspensive to me

Does anyone have a spare or extra theyd be willing to sell?

Also, does this effect the bike a lot? i am supposed to go riding this weekend and if i cannot get one by then will it be okay to ride with it how it is?

Or I found some carbs for sale but they are off of other year bikes. will a 2003 rm125 carb work with my 2001 rm125?


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