450sxf at Southwick

Bad start, Stalled first corner, in last place BUT persevered and won the moto with "Strategery"

Hell of a ride, John. And you killed it in moto 2 as well. If only video could show just how brutal that place can be.

Thanks so much, did you race in the same class?


Yeah, I can be seen at 5:30 picking up the bike after washing out in the inside line. Should have been more patient. You probably would have caught me anyway, as I had nothing for you 2nd moto. Your vids are what got my ass back out to the races. Thanks so much for sharing them. Hope to see you there again this year.

sorry double post

Awesome, I'm glad your out there having fun with the rest of us!

nice ride you caught Up! that guy on the 2stroke yami spit on ya twice glad u passed him LOL

I have to get out there. I love the sand. Nice run. You live in Boston? Where do you normally ride?

I need to get out there as well. Looks like fun!

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