yz125 with TTR 250 engine?? can it be done?

hey guys so i have a 96 yz 125 tore it apart do to a bad first gear :confused: and not sure if i wanna put i back. any way i was wondering if i buy a TTR 250 engine can i drop it in? not a problem re-welding moter mounts. but will it fit? has any one else done this?

thanks in advance :thumbsup:

A guy did it with a yz250 frame I believe. If you search in this forum you should find the thread.

You might find info on how big the TTR engine is and you can see if it will fit in your 125 frame...

why would you want to do that?

alright thanks ill check it out.

fourwheelingking i think id be a sweet little trail bike.

Not a chance without refabbing half the frame, sorry mate.

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