Few things on an old wr250 and a wr430

Hi, I have an 86' wr250 and an 87' wr430 and I have a few problems. For the 250, It kickbacks really badly when you kick start it. It runs fine once it starts but the kickback can be painful. Also, the idle screw doesn't seem to do anything. It is all the way twisted in but it did not turn the idle up.

For the 430, The shift lever is stuck. It shifts down into 1st, but doesn't spring back to the middle. If you pick it up all the way from the bottom, it will go into 2nd but you cant get into a higher gear since it just sticks up high.


for the 250,check intake maniflod for cracking resulting in air leaks.for the 430 i would take the clutch cover and have a look.the shift return spring might be the culprit as they come out of position after they become weak.dan

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