Yellow plastic, 96_01s?

Title is self explanatory, but I am resurrecting my old 99 into a trail bike format with the hurricane look. Clark has yellow large capacity tanks but after that I have struck out.


Would even go for the Euro look if I could find suitable graphics, as I can buy red vinyl for the seat and white plastic is readilly available


Excellent job, KJK_JR! :smirk: :smirk:

You can also get an OEM front fender in yellow from the 2006(?) Limited Edition 250F/450F bikes.

I'm pretty sure this is the part number...

FENDER, FRONT p/n 5XC-21511-D0-00

Good luck!

Clarke YZ250/125 (96-01) Stock Capacity - Black. Yello, & White

IMS Yamaha YZ250 (96-01) Gas Tank - Black & White

Search ebay for "yz tank yellow". There's a few flavors at the bottom of the page. $206 something. Same with "yz tank black". No real deals though... $247 for the IMS giganto tanks (hideously ugly anyway)



Here's my 98' "Hurricane" (and yes, I hate the bloo tank..)

xlr8r's 1998 Yamaha YZ 250

Edited by XLR8RR

Some info from someone who's ordered all the yellow colors (Yam+Suz+One)

The latest One schizo yellow choice has gone lighter than their older ones.

So if you get a late kit, the yellow will be way off the 50th ann. yellow which is the darkest (most red in it).

The early One kits were only a little lighter than the 50th. but still lighter.

The beauty of all this is, they didn't change the plastics when they changed the graphics.

The only way to be sure is order the kit and then compare colors with the other fenders.

So there are 5 yellows.

I am considering rounding up the left over kits, matching the yellows and reselling them

because imho it's unethical for these guys to sell these without telling people this info.

They don't know this? Yes, and green monkeys are flying out of my (ok, maybe they're yellow.....)

^^That's good to know.

I've been thinking about trying to get some new yellow 2011 YZ fenders for my old yellar. Wonder what color of yellowish they'll be.... Hmm..

Awezome. Thanks for the input everyone. Since this is an off road oriented build, I am leaning towards the big clear tank anyway from Clarke. This might break up slight color variances a little (the old euro look is still tempting too)

Im gonna do the same thing with my 11 yz250. A couple months ago I was able to find enough one industries plastic to make two kits for it. They seem to match also, cool thing was that the yellow plastic was way cheaper than the other colors. Im gonna go with natural tank also, I like seeing where my fuel level is. I think it would also look cool to get the hurricane graphics and cut out the black and white, that way they can be applied to any color plastic you can find. I do think that those graphics should be called the king kenny/hurricane hannah kit. Since that scheme came out in 1972 on the factory yamaha dirttrack team. Just my .02cents.


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