local san diego riding sat 21


this will be my first weekend in about 2 months where i wasnt working, or had prior obligations. and ive got the itch to ride! anyone interested in riding corral canyon or ocotillo for a day? im no speed demon, just looking for another rider to check these places out with. ive been to both places once or twice, but i want to go explore some more. im in oceanside, if anyone wants to carpool or something and split the cost of gas.

Next week on the 22nd me and a friend are either going to corral canyon or Mccain valley for a day of rideing. We both live in El Cajon but wont have any room for another bike.:smirk:

right on gungammer. im not sure about the 22, ill see what i can do. im not in need of a vehicle to get out there. i have my truck. i was just offering since i had room for 1 bike and passenger.

We may try to go some place every weekend, so LMK. :smirk:

hey i just got a dirt bike and i haven't been able to ride to any places i just went down to pala raceway to get a feel for the bike. I'd be down to go with you on the 21. since i'm a beginner how are the trails out there? i want to make a trip down there before it gets too hot. i live in vista

We will be going out either Sat/Sun, might be best if anyone wants to meet at my place in El Cajon and follow us out there. (its on the way anyhow 8east)

im game if you go out sat. keep us all posted.

I would love to ride corral or McCain but can't.......stupid red sticker. I'm down if someone heads to Ocotillo....its open until the end of may for red sticker.

i'm down to go to either places just let me know what day.

hey tonecold, are you pretty familiar with ocotillo? ive only been there twice. so im not sure about trails, good parking, and all that mess. how about gungammer? are you guys riding sat or sun? if anyone wants to split gas, i got room for 1 bike and 1 person. so tonecold, if you dont mind being a guide im down. like i said, im no speed demon, and dont want to slow anyone down. id goto ocotillo. otherwise im going to corral canyon on sat morning and your all more than welcome, just give me a time and spot you want to meet. pine valley, or corral canyon.

Bronkorob sent you a PM

i can only ride on saturday. so me and doc dirty will be riding corral canyon saturday morning. gonna get up there around 8 830ish. if anyone wants to meet up, ill be in a silver toyota pickup.

Hope you are having or had fun!! Im at work and a little bummed I couldnt make it out today. A buddy and I decided to go to Santa Veronica Baja and hit up some single track tomorrow. Its on!!!

sorry to here you couldnt make it. ended up being a great day. me and Doc_Dirty went out and rode all over creation at corral canyon. found some pretty intense trails, at least for me. they dont mess around when they say its difficult. a good day of riding though. im always down to ride, so maybe another weekend we can all go to ocotillo or back to coral canyon.

I got a 4 day weekend, anyone plan on going out this week?

Anyone going out to Ocotillo this weekend? Looking for someone ride with, just going out for the day.

Well be at McCain Valley by 9am, Gold/tan Chevy truck.

i wont be out this weekend, but i just got out of the military the other day....so im kinda unemployed. i start school on the 20th, so until than.....i guess its just more time to ride, during the week too. let me know if anyone is up for a weekday ride.

I was trying to set up a mon/tues trip to Ocotillo but looks like buddies are dropping out. I can do Corral mon or tues, just put in 35 miles in Mccain valley yesterday so i would prefer not to go there again.

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