E-start removal 250 xcw

i am the second owner of a 2009 250 xcw with now 50 hours on it and ever since i got it the Electric start has never worked properly. now its competley packed it in so i dont want to spend the 600 bucks to replace it and may as well ditch it.

so my question is this even possible? is there a kit or am i just best to leave it.

It should be possible. I did it on my 11 xc. Search e-start ectomy. I'm not sure what cover you'll need for the w though.

I guess the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence sometimes as they say. I'd love to add electric start to my 07xcw and you're looking to ditch it!

Oh well, I've heard there have been issues with the KTM E-start so maybe best option to remove in your case. Could be wrong but think you'll need to pick up a different side case cover?

08 XC ign. cover. i think 2 bolts will be too long. cut them or replace

could some one point me in the direction of a thread that has some instructions or a list of parts i may need.

i looked at it last night it seems that mud got pretty deep into the system and completly ruined it

whats it doing i would be intersted in trade my non e start parts for your e start parts ??????????

has been covered dozens and dozens of times over on KTM talk for years. go there and search.


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