2000 YZ426 vs. 1982 YZ125

I have a 2000 YZ426 that is difficult for me to start and currently not running. I want to sell it but someone has a restored 1982 YZ125 that he wants to trade. I prefer to trail ride and looking for ease of maintenance.

What are your thoughts out there?

A YZ 125 is certainly not going to make you a good trail bike for a host of reasons...almost non existent low end power, MX gearing (tall in first and closely spaced), no kickstand, small gas tank limits range, etc. I had a YZ400 that I rode on the trail for a while..they can be tricky to start if they arent set up just right...I am assuming yours isnt set up right. Just like the YZ125, the 426 isnt set up for trail riding...they are motocross bikes. Dont trade your 2000 model for a 1982...that bike is a dinosaur. Get the 426 running, sell it, and get yourself a real trail bike.

Great, thanks for the advice. The 426 is my first bike so wasn't sure what I got the begin with.

You got a very powerful motocross bike...thats alot of bike to start on.

I do alright with it though. Learned real fast, just tired of kicking at it now. But if I can get it set up right then I'll stick with it.

I'm guessing it still has the manual decompression lever. Do you know the proper procedure for starting it?

I'm guessing it still has the manual decompression lever. Do you know the proper procedure for starting it?

I was gonna ask the same question, they can be a real PITA to start if you dont use the exactly correct procedure.

CaveMike hate yz426, but 82 yz125 is prehistoric. No trade.

The starting procedure is widely documented and varies slightly. I used the same procedure for my old 99 YZ400F and my current 01 WR426. 2 blips of about half throttle to prime it, choke on, kick the bike very slowly until you can feel resistance (you will know), press the decompression lever, kick firmly, release lever and kick the hell out of it. My WR will usually start the first or second kick. After the original 2 blips of the throttle dont touch it, you will flood the bike. To repeat, do everything over except throttle. If you have to kick it more than 5 or 6 times, its flooded.

Yeah, actually got the starting procedure from TT a while back. Definetly a pain. Was not doing the 2 blips though so I will try that next. I have it in the shop now to make sure its mechanically sound before I blow my foot to hell trying to kick it over. I changed geographically, went from 4600 feet elevation where it ran like a dream to basically living in the swamp. Change is good but not for a tempermental bike.

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