120 Pound Rider To Small For 250?

I Have an 06 kx250 and 2 2009 KX85's.But anyways im 5'6 14 year olds and like 115-120lb.My question is should i stay on 85 for rest of this year and then move on to the 250 next year.Im just flat footing on the bike and just tippy toe on the 250.My dad thinks i should just stay on 85 for rest of this year then end of this year get rid of my 85's and put some moeny in the kx250.

The 250 is a beast! Honestly, the 85 seems a little small for you and the 250 may be a little much for you. If you have the money, I suggest looking into a 125. It "teaches" you to ride a 250. Everyone used to tell me that and I ignored them, until I bought a cheap one a month ago. Needless to say I'm parking my 250 for the summer to ride the 125.

85 to 250 is a huge transition, and is probably too big of one unless you are a top-notch 85 rider. Sell the 85s, buy a 125 (if you maintain it correctly, it will hardly loss any value), then make the jump to the 250.

Its all about what you are comfortable with but I would say that your dad knows best.

At 120lbs. you should be fine on a 125. 250 would be a big jump IMO. I'm a bit lighter (skin and bones lol) and I have a blast on a 125. Tried a YZ250, and it was a beast. An untameable beast. It was just too much power, had to be really careful not to end up on my back.

It’s pretty obvious that you're chomping at the bit to move up a notch and that's awesome. Both of my boys have gone through this same transition. They both started on ttr125, then to the kx100, then the cr125 before they were brave enough to try the 250. You're definitely a little big for the 85. A 125 is a great transition, it’ll get you used to the taller bike with plenty of kick for your size. The 250 is waaaay more bike than you're going to be able to handle. If it’s not an option to transition to a 125 then the answer has to be Dad is ALWAYS right.:smirk:

Good luck:thumbsup:

Absolutely agree with everyone on the idea of a 125. It will feel like it was built just for you. My son moved into one at 5'8", 165 lbs. It was the perfect bike for him at the time. Seems like wherever we go, it always gets attention from some of the 250 riders too :smirk: If you are racing, you will also notice that you will do better in a 125 class than the 250. Fewer racers in the 125 class and they are all about your age. You will have a lot of fun and be building confidence.

Good luck and have fun :smirk:

Like most others, I say sell one or both of the 85s and buy a 125 or a 4T 250. When you are sure you're ready, sell that and put the money into the kx250. You could go straight to the kx but it's a big jump if you've only been on 85s.

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