Anybody tried to give an Old RM New RMZ Plastics

Just wondering if any one has tried to put 2011 RMZ Front Number Plate and Fender and Rear Number Plates and Fender on an semi older 2t RM Like 03 or up.

I want to put these rmz250_l0_right_side_press_.jpg

On This 04Suzuki_RM125_1.jpg

I'm pretty sure the front plate/fender has been done and is a fairly easy swap. If I remember correctly I think drilling 2 new holes for the fender bolts is about all you need. No idea about the rear, but I'm guessing it is not just an easy swap since the subframes are likely much different.

That is a sweet looking 125. Looks brand new. I wouldn't change a thing.

I have seen the number plate and front fender done but not anything else. I am with the other guy leave that beast looking like a beast.

I think the RMZ plastics look slick, but I betting you'd run into issues with the rear fender/numberplate being a pain (probably have to change airbox too.)

Ya, front end should be a piece of cake but in the back, you might run into some problems. Great looking 125 tho!

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