jetting my crf 250x

I have an 05 crf250x thats running lean, my plug is a grayish color which leads me to believe its lean. Thats where my knowledge stops, I need help on what I can do to fix it. I've read around and people ask does it pop when you lets off the gas and yes occasionally it will. Its not a complete backfire its more like a ba ba ba ba but you can hear it sort of hickuping. (if that makes any sense at all) I'm coming off yz 125 so I have no clue how to tune my bikes carb. I need help whether it be just something as simple as turning my fuel screw or replacing my main jet. Oh another thing when I take my bike out and I'm cruising around town stop and go stuff its usually runs between 130-145f for a temp. But when I take it out on open roads its more like 120 area and its likes to stall when it gets that cold. Another thing that will probably help I'm at about 750ft above sea level, and a bone stock bike. Like I said I need some help. PLEASE :smirk:

You cannot read plug color unless you run race fuel.

Decel popping is normal, it is a race bike. No one who races ever coasts.

You make no mention of an actual running problem. Can't fix what is not broken.

Ok I just thought that the color of the plug wasn't good. What would be signs of it running lean?

As you accelerate, tit would suddenly 'go soft' and literally have a dry sound to the exhaust note. Stock bikes are not all jetted lean, that is a line of BS.

Ride your bike, if there is a problem, carefully note what it is.

Load/no load

Throttle position

Temp/humidity/air pressure

Current jetting (stock is not an answer, actual pilot, main, needle and clip position)

New problem? If so, what has changed since the last time it ran well. Washed? Sat for a month? Some other change?

Old problem, been there since new, been there since bought used?

Any modifications?

Well I'm not totally understanding what your saying but if this help when the bike is at idle and I just crank it wide open it bogs at first.

No one rides a bike at idle and nails the throttle. How is during normal riding?

I went out and rode it for a little bit nice day so I figured I'd go for a ride, anyways I took the fuel screw out a 1/4 turn and wow what a difference. It brought my idle up so I backed my idle off and now when I'm barely on the throttle in first gear and pin its rite there and easily pulls the front end up. A girl at my school her family races so I think I'm going to see if her dad will take a look at it for me and see if he can tell me how its running.

So I was curious and pulled my plug again. I ran it today so I had to let it cool so I didn't screw my head up by pulling my plug when the motor was hot. Anyways when I pulled it and felt the tip of it, it was dry. Is that good or bad?

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