The bolt on the swing arm bolt

Not to long ago I had a problem with the bolt on a CR85 (2004) bolt not coming out of the swing arm, I got it out.

Now I have a bigger problem on a CR125 (1998):

I cannot get the nut off the bolt. I am using a 22MM socket (Craftsman brand) 3/8" drive. It would not work. They only have 6pt sockets up to 19MM so I am using a 12PT socket.

I have soaked the think in liquid wrench and tried PB Blaster for two days now, cleaning out the liquid wrench and applying more every couple hours. My can is about empty from this one bolt.

I have put the bike on its side so the liquid wrench can sit in the niche where nut is.

It will not budge. I have applied heat via a propane torch today as well. It did little to help.

Any suggestions? Even if I ruined the bolt, how would I get it off?

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Impact wrench

I really do not have the money to spend on an impact wrench, I have already bought a new top and bottom end for the bike. :smirk:

cut it off with a wiz wheel and replace the bolt/nut with a new one

Do you have a breaker bar? Having something with a longer handle will allow for more torque on the nut.

I thought about buying a breaker bar, however I never did.

I took it to 'Dirt Bike Supply' and they used a breaker bar for me. They did it free of charge. It worked out, however I should invest in one of these. What is the preferred brand and socket size? 3/8s, 1/2?

piece of pipe

just slide it on it?

I never thought of that. I feel like I could damage the bolts doing that though, with so many pivot points.

Piece of pipe over your wrench end

Problem with using a wratchet as a breaker bar (with a piece of pipe) is that the wratchet sometimes can break. You can def feel the wratchet flex when you use it as a breaker bar, although I have never broke one. I bought a 1/2" drive breaker bar and have found it to break free tons o crap. Putting a piece of pipe on one of these is the ultimate weapon for stubborn bolts/nuts.

point being worth every penny!

I will probably invest in a 1/2 drive eventually. How long should the shaft be? 24 inches?... 18?

I am not worried about my ratchet breaking, I have a craftsman :smirk:

Bunch of places have that generic 1/2" torque wrench with a 18" handle for about $25-30.

So the 18" is standard? I think AutoZone or Advanced Auto Parts carries them ^.^

I know AutoZone around here carries them

I could be wrong and it may be a 15" length but it's the same one you find all over.

I suppose I would be better off to get the longer one though, for more torque...

the longer the better!

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