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New pipe/can questions

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I took my WR on the first decent ride today after the free mods and drilled out stock exhaust.

I like it big time :smirk:

I've been planning to find a take off YZF can, looked all over this week, haven't found any local and the ones on EBay are sky high compared to what others tell me they paid.

So I've been looking at other exhaust options just in case I don't find a take off can.

No way I'm going to drop $800+ for the exhaust on a play bike, but I figure a new slip on is a maybe.

I see Lexx has a slip on with mid pipe for $199, but, they're back ordered until August (WTH ?)

I see some claims that all pipes do is move the power around, others claim to have gained power all across the power band.

Pardon my ignorance, but isn't where the power comes on mainly a result of matching the right jetting with how you want power to be delivered ?

If some pipes add power, say to the top end of the band (mostly), would it be possible to jet the power to come on elsewhere or from top to bottom ?

I'm mainly looking for low end power, I like plenty of grunt, but nobody wants to setup a bike so it signs off early.

Are these claims legit, a product of 'out of the box' results or are most folks simply happy enough with the increased performance they just live with it even if the power comes on in only (mostly) one part of the band ?

Before I bite off on believing the power from an aftermarket pipe will deliver power in a specific range, I have to know if wherever the power is delivered out of the box, the addition of a more free flowing pipe of any sort can offer benefit to more than one spot in the power band.

Ideally, jetting can balance the power across the whole range, but maybe I'm just confused in thinking that and need some schooling here :smirk:

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After I took off my stock WR and put on an aftermarket exhaust it didn't really increase power but the performance of the bike was greatly improved. It has quicker acceleration and seems to climb thru the RPMs a lot quicker and easier. It doesn't feel like it's trying so hard to get up and going. Does that make sense? Kind of hard to describe the change. It is far better than a stock WR exhaust. If you can I definitely recommend replacing the whole exhaust. Just keep watching eBay. I see Lexx exhaust systems pop up all the time

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