2001 honda cr125 not starting leaking head gasket

hey guy i just bought this bike about a week ago i went out for a ride about an hour later it shut off just bogged out. I got new plug an cleaned out teh carb an airfilter i tried to kick start it wouldnt kick over so i rolled start it it started right up i let it idle for a bit then shut it off an it kicked over again let it idle for a couple mins i noticed a little white smoke so i shut it off let it cool down then i did a coolan change i drained out the old coolant which was to much in there an it was a nasty yellowish color so i changed the coolant did everything the way the service manual tells you to do it went to start it up as i was kicking it i felt a slight spray on my leg i looked down an i noticed that it was leaking out of the head gasket.. i looked through the service manual it says it could be a couple different things but it doent really go into detail. i was wondering what you guys thought any help/ advice/ things i should do would be awesome i just want to get this bike running right so i can get out an ride



First thing to do would be order a new head gasket and put it on. if it's just a head gasket leak you should be fine after that

i ordered a whole top end kit just to be safe i dont know what the kid who owned it before me did.. comes in friday so ill keep you guys posted thanks for the response

good call !

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