09 Kodiak Rear Diff Rebuild?


I'll start from the top of what I think is applicable.

During the winter, if you were to pull the rear brake lever (on the handlebar), it would keep the rear brakes applied. Pulling it into the heated shop helped, so we tried to run wd40 down the cable, and it did not help much.

This spring, the brake lever was loose would keep the brake light on, so we adjusted it so that it wouldn't keep the light on, and the brakes were not on.

Dad used it tonight to check some fields, and when he was just about home, he noticed trouble with the rear diff. It was VERY hot, and oil has leaked (blown) out of both axle seals and the drive shaft seal. I've only pulled the skid plate off, and have not drained the oil (I'm interested to see how much oil is left inside/how much metal is in it)

What do you think our direction should be? I guess we'll open it up and see how bad the damage is...would a new bearing and seal 'kit' and possibly rear brakes fix our problem, or is the whole thing likely cooked.

Thanks for any help.

check it but it will probably be fine if the bearings are still ok. need to fix that rear brake though. might want to soak the cable in antifreze after you free it up or the new one. an old trick to keep them from freezing up.

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