Where to ride around Payson UT


We are going to stay in Woodland Hills Utah for a week or so around Memorial weekend (east foothills above Payson). and taking our bikes with us.

I know there is Little Sahara close by, just west of 15 freeway via hwy 6. But that's OHV park.

Is there an extended network of trails/ fire or old mining roads in that area? We are both street legal, plated in AZ, both, my husband and I, ride KTM 525. Looking for larger ground to explore and play for several days. Being from SoCal originally and living 50/50 in AZ and Orange County we both like desert type riding rather than woods. So, my attention is to the west, to the desert toward Nevada.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

You might try the Cherry Creek area. It is just northwest of the Little Sahara dunes. Go right past the dunes entrance and keep heading west. You can get desert riding down in the flat areas, or move up towards the hills for mountain riding. Lots of space and lots of variety.

Cherry creek for sure. It is not considered an OHV park, excellent trails as well.

Marc WRP

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