89 xr600 seized

I recently bought an 89 xr600, test drove it it ran really good i thought but it was low geared and it came with a gang of extra parts so i swapped the front sprocket out for a 15 tooth vs the 14 that it had, the rear is a 45 so i left it. it has a 120/100-18 on the rear and a 90/90-21 on the front.

the ride home was about 100 miles and from what i hear these bikes are pretty reliable so i had faith in it, got about 45 miles into it, stopped for gas topped of the oil, smoked a cig and let it cool down for a bit, got back on the road and about ten minutes later it started knocking and the motor seized while i was doing about 60-65 in friday getaway traffic. thank god i was able to keep it up and the car behind me moved into the next lane and hit his breaks so i could get over. anyways this is kind of my fault i forgot to ask the guy what the normal operating temp was. when i got off the road it was sitting around 250 which now i know is bad. i couldnt read the numbers while riding anyways it was pretty damn windy that night.

so now im left with a 1300 dollar paperweight. im writing all of this cause i would like to know if anyone can help me figure out what happened why the motor overheated and what i need to look into replacing. the point of this was cheap reliable transportation and now its not pannin out that way oh well such is life. thanks in advance.

i dont know if i need to add that the motor was not screaming at all at any time during this trip i was just cruising the whole time due to the wind.

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Can we take it that you know how to test the oil level correctly on an XR600??

I've no idea why it seized..bad oil pump maybe..Dunno why people here seem to have problems with bikes running lean and seizing,,they aren't two strokes..

I thought you wanted a manual..There's one here on the site somewhere for a 650L,,that should do for the strip down if you decide to fix it..

If you can't find it come back and I'll see if I can locate one via Google..


Try that,,It's 59mb so's either a zip or pdf file so it's a full manual.,,may need unzipping.

i found the manual earlier and yes i know how to read a dipstick.

ive been looking around without much luck of finding anything for the bottom end. i found on kit they want over 500 for the whole thing can someone shoot me a link or something for and inexpensive complete bottom end kit?

Have you got it apart yet. Not much point anyone pointing you at bits till we know the level of damage..Get the head and stuff off down to the Piston then post some pictures of the head and cam and of the barrel and Piston..Cheapest way to go would be to buy a good running motor,,XR/XL are dirt cheap used in the States compared to here..

ok i think im gonna start tomorrow, been working some odd hours so i havent had a chance yet.

when i bought it, it came with an 87 motor thats mostly complete. would it be worth it to take that apart at the same time and see if any parts are in good order and compatable?

Yep well they are essentially the same engine with a few differences in heads/carb mounting and carbs,,Is the spare 87 motor a twin or single carb engine...??Pictures are needed if you don't know..Host them somewhere else and paste a url to them in your post if you get around to it..Digital cameras mandatory these days for the internet..

250 degress is not that high of temp especially at extended higher speed riding.

250 is pretty much normal on these pigs unless you install an oil cooler.they run hot on the highway...........


yes the other motor is a dual carb. i took the motor out today now im waiting for the manual so i can start tearing into it. i have a camera and try to post some pics.

is there an oil cooler kit for this bike or is it a one off kinda thing?


so i ended up buying this for an oil cooler. any body got some tips for the install?

You want to make sure the oil cooler you bought has decent oil flow....

Mine is this one at ADVrider.....works well.....not cheap,,but quality is superb..


Here`s my bike with it installed..



I believe it will fit the XR600R too with minor modifying.....i think different spacvers are needed at the stator cover is all..


thats a clean ride man, some day mine will look like that but for now im on a tight budget, so i'll find what works for now lol.

i found the manual earlier and yes i know how to read a dipstick.

250 is not excessive temp and 15/45 gearing is just fine for highway use.

There is nothing there that says "problem".

Knowing how to read a dipstick does NOT mean you read the oil level correctly.

He asked if you know the 600 procedure for a REASON.


yes there was the correct amount of oil in the bike at the time when it seized i'm not an idiot and the guy i bought it from also showed me.

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