DC conversion list...

For converting to DC/battery, does this list seem correct?

TrailTech Voltage Regulator Rectifier:


TrailTech 4AH 12V battery:


TrailTech Capacitor:


DDM tuning 55W HID kit:


Do I need anything else? How would I convert a lighting coil to a floating ground? It has a hot lead that goes to the lights and a ground lead that bolts to the stator plate.

Going on what bike, some may not be able to produce 55 watts and may need an upgraded stator. If you check directly at trail tech web site you have the instruction on how to do it for specific bike.

It's a 65W lighting coil, kawasaki 84 kx250 engine. So in order to float the ground, basically I just connect the coils ground wire directly to the reg/rec instead of grounding it on the frame..?

You need either a Capacitor or a battery, not both.

You are going to need a battery. The lighting coil will not supply enough power at low RPM to keep the HID fired.

^Alright. So at higher RPM's the coil will supply enough power to keep the battery charged, correct?

If you are just running one.

My hid runs on this

I dont know how long it'll run, but it does not flicker once it's warmed up, most hid ballasts are rated 7-13 volts

this is lighting side only on my bike, my charging side is completely separate


So, minus the capacitor, then my list of items to buy is correct?

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