Trailer in A Bag Review / Adding Gas Can Rack Mod (works with many trailers)

Well I decided to ditch my Ultimate MX Hauler. It worked fine but I just never felt totally confident with it hanging on the back of the SUV. I used it a few times with no issues, just a mind thing I guess. I've since purchased a Trailer in A Bag for a killer deal on Craigslist. $400! The way it's setup would cost one roughly $1600 retail. Is it worth that much? Probably not unless you absolutely have no place to store a trailer. $1600 could purchase a small enclosed trailer. For $400 I could not pass it up. Is it sturdy? Very... If you judge the unit by the photos and videos alone you wouldn't think so. With 2000lb capacity rating just imagine. I used it this past weekend and it pulls very nicely and did what it was supposed to do, hold the bike down. Anyway, here are a few links below if you're interested. First one is assembly and the second video is adding an Ultimate MX Hauler can rack to it. The rack can be bolted down if you don't plan on taking it apart or you could use the same style pins the trailer is assembled with. You can add the rack to just about any trailer.

Cool concept. If I only had one bike to haul that would be something I would consider building (I would have no need to disassemble and stuff in a bag so I would weld it together permanently)

If I had the welding skill and materials I would probably attempt it. I too don't really have a need to tear it down but may move it from the garage to the shed during the winter. For $400 I couldn't pass it up.

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