torque wrenches?

I know its been asked before but what torque wrench is best suited to working on bikes? i am looking at the kinchrome ones that are availale from bunnings, not the best i know but its not as though i am using them all the time. my question is, in your exeriences, have you found it better to have have one that does it all like a 3/8 drive, or are you better to also get a 1/4 drive for the fiddly engine work that might be harder to get to and need to be more accurate?

these are the ones i am looking at.

also my current socket set has 1/4 and 1/2 inch drives, no 3/8, so if i went for the 3/8 i would need to get another socket set which will probably cost as much as a second torque wrench anyway.

i just wasnt sure if a 1/2 drive torque wrench is just too big as i have seen this mentioned somewhere before, or maybe the 3/8 drive is too big for the smaller engine work and would need to get a 1/4 anyway?

thanks for any help

I deffinitly recommend gettin a 1/4 drive. I use it the most for nearly everything. I doubt you would get the range of all the bolts in one torque wrench so will prob need to end up getting 2 any way.

yeah was just looking in the manual and 1/4 is prob the most used, and either a 3/8 or 1/2 will do steering stem nut, swingarm pivot nut and any bigger ones. thanks for your input

The biggest i found was the back axle nut that you have to loosen to adjust the chain. 128Nm I think. So you might use that fairly regularly.

Have fun dirtbiking!

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