What offroad forks to match ohlins shock?

Hi all,

What can be done to the forks to make them match the rear? Besides buying ohlins forks, which are very exxy...

Would KTM EXC legs fit on? I want smooth and comfortable instead of hard & harsh, and can still handle jumps.

I've always loved KTM enduro suspension, smooth & comfortable while also taking the big hits, but not sure what bolts up to the DRZ with minimal fuss.

Or can the OEM legs be made to work good?


the OEM forks are VERY good once set up right , find a top quality susp dude to revalve and respring to suit you .

my OHLINS shock was on par with my revalved OEM shock , the OHLINS shock was not the latest and greatist but it was ohlins

i say ' was' because some person of low moral standards broke into my w~shop and relieved me of it :smirk: [ RIP ohlins shock ~ gone but not forgotten:cry: :smirk:}

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