2007 EXC 450 Counter shaft play

Does anyone know how much side to side or left to right play/movement the counter shaft should have if any? When I grab a hold of the counter shaft I can move it in and out. is this normal? Thanks for any input.

Jebs website for KTM TSB on subject. Go to #6


.1mm-.3mm is the figure for older KTM rfs bikes. You can feel the shaft endplay. It was more of a problem with the first bikes 10 years ago requiring a check or engine teardown & proper spacing. Haven't heard of this being a current issue, even with the '05. I can feel the slack even though it's within limits.

.5mm or .020 is normal

Doc bob

Thanks. I think mine has to much end play/side clearance.

Best way to measure the slack is with a dial indicator.

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