honda xr 200 struggeling to start

hi everyone, im new on here, but need some advice.

my brother recently got a old honda xr200 motor, and decided to fit it into a old honda xl185 frame , the only frame we have , it fits nicely.

but my question is why wont the damn thing start?

little history about the engine : it was a friends motor and he basicaly raped it , melted a hole in the piston , broken the exhaust valve,(there was basically no valve left just the stem when we stripped it) , so we stripped it, honed the cylinder,replaced valves and piston and rings,put it all together and fitted it to the frame.

the bike starts but with one hell of a running start, the other thing is that the carb doesnt fit into the frame so we took of the manifold and bolted it directly to the frame , it doesnt sit level < bit tilted to the frontt and i was wondering if that could be the problem because the float level now wouldnt be right, it overflows a bit sumtimes as well..

well hope one has a answer would really like to ride the bike..

sounds preety nice aswell with only half a exhaust, the exhaust is gonna get finished after we get the bike to start..

thanx in advance

After reading your story it could be a million things. Do you have a manual for the engine? Did you seat the new valves? Adjust clearences? After being raped, is it geting spark? Did you clean the carb? Never heard of anyone bolting a carb up minus the manifold. Sounds like problems right there. Float bowls do have to be set correctly and it sounds like you've got problems there too.

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Pictures of the carb attachment to engine/airbox?

im busy tring to fit the manifold with the carb into the frame, bit tricky since the frame was an old honda xl185 frame,bit too small but its all frame we got, but will get it to fit, also we got the elctrics sorted, it does get spark and like i said if we give it a good enough running start it will start and will rev up as soosn as throttle is opened , will try to get sum pics later today..

got it starting,fitted carb with its manifold, doesnt start with kickstarter though,but with a running start it starts and idles nicely...

The twin shock bikes (XL,XR185/200) used a manifold that pointed the carb towards the center of the bike to align with the airbox. The XR200R engines used a manifold that offset the carb to the right to clear the mono shock.

got it starting with kickstarter yesterday,about 4 kicks and it fired, now just need the fuel tank and seat, then ready for riding in the bush....

oh and how do i add a photo?

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