DB snorkel, not forest approved?!?

okay, so you know those goofy looking DB snorkels that people install to cut down on noise? what's been bugging me, is how in the heck does that NOT qualify as a spark arrestor?:smirk::smirk: the way i see it, anything that 'kills' the spark should be forest approved as a sparky... so how is a DB Snorkel, which has 2 seperate 'J' turns made out of a polymer rubber not considered a spark arresting device? I would think that if anything could destroy a spark, hitting the outside of a J turn on 2 seperate accounts would be it:excuseme:

that's my little rant for the day, because i was STRONGLY considering one for the 310 cause that things has a throaty roar to it and since im rocking the PC304 i really need a spark arrestor anyways so i thought i could "kill 2 birds with one stone" but noooOOOOooo..:prof:

lol, thats bs

A forrestry approved silencer and header wrap on your pipe will reduce the noise way more than a snorkel. Most of the noise is from the pipe. A thick pipe like the Gnarly helps too, also a pipe guard.

FMF Gnarly with Q-Stealth -- forest approved, quiet, plenty of low-end torque.

but I dont think either one are available for a 91... -- sorry.

doggawnit.. haha what i really liked about the snorkel is that it quiet's the bike down without sacrificing HP to do it. they have dyno charts showing before and after installation and most bikes lost like 1-2hp and 1/2 a lb of torque, not really a noticeable difference. My bike needs it too, i just repacked like 2 weeks ago and that thing is LOUD i can't even hear other people around me unless im totally putting around and theyre on the gas hard!

But Im not gonna go outta my way to buy a $100 pro circuit nature friendly, AND spend an additional $85 for a snorkel just to quiet it down to be legal! its absurd.. I'll try my luck with the ranger on the sound issue:p

I've also heard of people sealing the header pipe/port with high temp silicone? or moparcone? how much difference would that make on sound? I do the normal stuff like repack every other month or so, usually the same time as im cleaning carbs and air filters.. But i would like to try that sealing idea out, and also the pipe wrap, how much does that stuff cost?

on a related note, im almost POSITIVE that there's a bolt loose that has a washer that rattles like crazy, if i could find that little turd and screw it back in i think that should help as well!

You could use a stock silencer, most of the noise comes from the pipe. So header wrap and a pipe guard you should be the quietest bike out there. The exhaust opening is sealed by 2 o-rings and a copper washer. Try replacing those before you gum it up with silly-cone.

I like the DBSnorkel so far on my "KDX100"


I tried header wrap but to my ears, made no difference. I took the wrap off but will revisit it later in the summer as I might add a pipe shield and see if that helps with the wrap together.


My bike came with a R304 shorty and I wanted a Spark Arrester as well so went with the PC Type 296 which was way quieter than the R304 and the DBSnorkel made it even softer. Bike came jetted for R304 and Vforce3 reeds and don't think I will make a jet change for the Type296 and DBSnorkel.

^^ AWESOME!^^ thanks a lot Conman, those pics are sweet! What does your bike blow dB wise? i would guess its pretty quiet, like a black ops stealth commando.. lol

Nice job on the wrap!

Plated? :smirk:

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