2010 crf250 forks

re did my fork seals afew weeks back and may have put to much oil in .i put what ever the book said but may not of got all the oil out of the iner part the front just seems alittle bit harsher and when i undo the breather it lets a little bit of oil out each time .like a few drops sort of thing is ther a hight that i can use by putting a ruler down from the top if i take the tops off the forks or just take 5mls out and try it

Pull 10ml out at a time. 5 will take forever to get it right. It's easier to put it back in. Scary part is do they have the same amount in both?

Start over and redo them both, dont screw around with oil level, like charlie said if you have an imbalance it will be no good. Not only that you wont know how much you have in it if you want to make adj etc. Do it over and do it properly. That way you know for sure.

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