knocking noise, please listen

Seems to be at the top of the top end! Would an incorrect valve adjustment have caused it? A new piston and rings have just been installed as well as the valve adjustment. Or am I just being paranoid?

I would take it apart and check your valve clearances again. How many hours are on those valves?

60hrs, already checked them, they are in spec

Sounds like the timing chain tensioner is on the loose side

How do I check for that? It's an automatic spring loaded tensioner. Maybe it's not torqued enough

Yes it may not be torqued enough or you put in the tensioner backwards.

I'll agree with timing chain.

sounds like the chain is flopping about.

I agree sounds like the cam chain. Are you sure your tensioner is self adjusting? The older RMZ's I know anyways are manual. It takes 5 min.

What year is your bike?

Or better yet post a pic of your camchain tensioner.

Sounds like the timing chain tensioner is on the loose side

What I was thinking as well. I wouldn't run the bike again until you get this sorted out. That chain skips a tooth or two and you are in trouble.

I'll have another look tonight, it's a2010

A 2010? sheesh......

Seems pretty stiff, I torqued a bit more and snapped the spring bolt:banghead: Wont know now until a new one arrives.

I have however noticed that the upper side of the chain is shiney where it may be rubbing plus there is a very slight mark on the head cover, intake side...but surely it dosent stretch that far

I can't tell the tension you're putting on the chan there, but it seems pretty tight. When my buddies was making noise and I pulled it apart and showed him how to adjust it his was a full droop.

I would look at your cam alignment. Are the lobes getting clearance from the cam caps? As in right to left (side to side) positioning in the head. They can go together fine a hair out, but the lobes won't be centered in there recesses and the chain will be out of alighnment.

Just to update this thread... If you hear that noise in a 2010 rmz your about to get a very expensive bill off a mechanic! Not enough oil was getting up into the head, a very common problem caused by tiny dirt or metal bits getting past the strainers and blocking the flow of the oil up into the cylinder head. I got mine rebuilt before it seized but it wouldn't have been much longer before it did judging buy the state if the cylinder

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