Knocking Noise..Possible cause? please listen

Seems to be at the top of the top end! Would an incorrect valve adjustment have caused it? A new piston and rings have just been installed as well as the valve adjustment. Or am I just being paranoid?

Hate to say it, but that does not sound good. This may be as simple as a cam chain adjustment or exhaust leak, to something more serious. Things to check:

* Cam chain adjustment

* Valve tapping piston

* Piston tapping gasket

* Exhaust gasket leak at header / cylinder head

* Ring snagged on installation

No matter what, you need to go back in and look for anything obvious.

I just had my cam chain on my 2007 get too stretched out and my bike actually slipped on the teeth of the crankshaft causing the bike to run bad and make that same tapping sound as yours. I ended up immediately hitting the kill switch so nothing further untoward happened. I would pull your rocker cover and put your finger under the cam chain between the cam and test the tension. You will be able to immediately tell if you cam chain/tensioner is bad or not. Mine also took out this little stamped metal deal that keeps the cam chain on the crankshaft gear. It is only a $4 part, but will make the chain be able to slip off the gear enough to run badly.

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