Gonna drill the slide on my carb...

I've been reading about the vacuum stick with the stock carbs on the 650R. Well, I'm going to try and drill a hole to try and get rid of it. Anyone else tried this with success?

The only time iv'e had a (bad)sticky slide on vacuum is when it's really worn or the is gummed up a bit. Take it out and inspect it first. Or...press on the slide from the air box side and pull it open with the throttle.

It doesn't "stick"....it's very odd. When it isn't running it is very smooth closed to wide open. Start it up and it hangs coming off the bottom. Once you get it open the least little bit, it is smooth again. I'm leaning to the vacuum theory.

BTW...I've had it apart recently and everything looks clean and new.

You'll see what i mean once you push on it from the airbox side ,without it running. It can look perfectly clean and between the two parts will be a "film" build up that is not visable. I see this a LOT these days in my 'little shop.'

I'll give it a try.

Plug the air valve and adjust your cables. Helped my problem with snappy throttle off idle.

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