Miles on your XT350?

I picked up a 89 XT350 a couple months ago and so far I've been pleased. Not over blessed with power, but not bad. Gets +/- 60 mpg and runs real smooth. I can see me spending a lot of time in the saddle of this thing. It has a little over 19k miles now but shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

How many miles does your 350 have?

If you change the oil frequently, run quality oil, and keep track of the valves and air filter, it should last to 35-50K, then you redo it and go another.

I don't doubt it. The only thing I might change is the front sprocket. It turns about 5k rpm at 60 mph. I'd like to get that down a bit.

I don't doubt it. The only thing I might change is the front sprocket. It turns about 5k rpm at 60 mph. I'd like to get that down a bit.

True enough. But they'll do it forever at that RPM, as long as the oil is good and the maintenance is done. Pretty tough engines. There is a strainer in the sump that is accessed by that big cap with the hex on it under the engine. Check it about every other oil change. The air filters fall apart, so check yours if you haven't already. The foam gets old and gives up, like all foam does.

You can put the XT250 520 size chain and sprockets on there, and get away from the 428 chain if you like. I did that on mine. The reason they put the 428 on it was noise reduction for noise regs. My WRR had rubber inserts for the front and rear sprocket for the same reason. I think 428 is a bit light for serious use.

Look out for the carb spigots, which some call boots: they crack with heat and ozone exposure, and then cause vacuum leaks.

Yamaguy - would you happen to have a picture of what you are talking about? I just picked up an 86 350. I'm trying to read up more on all of these types of tips to keep the bike going strong.



with the 428 chain, you can got to a 54 rear sprocket instead of the 55. drops the rpm 500 at speed.

he is talking about the boots that join the head to the carb. happens on everything with that style boot.

did find that it runs better with pilot drilled up one size from stock and one size larger main jet. cannot get aftermarket pilots for it but mikuni main jets fit but are # differently. dis the testing with an o2 sensor to get mine dialed in but i also have porting, cams, airbox mods and exh on mine.

Just turned over to 20K miles. Still buzzing right along.

Just short of 20k. About half of that was beating the hell out of it on the trails. I've had to do a rebuild or two, but it was always due to poor maintenance on my part. 1 was leaky intake boots, the other was low oil.

39K. Got the bike for 100 bucks and had to rebuild due to streched timing chain. Fresh rebuild and it purrs like a kitten! (as much as a thumper can)

7500. Just bought it!

A bunch ..have no idea speedo anyone have a spare??

I just got my '89 with 17,500 plus a little due to the speedo being out for a while. Absolutely no issues yet, though I don't really know its maintenance history.

I'm still going through and every weekend checking or changing something else and otherwise just looking for problems. I'm kind of working under the conservative assumption that anything maintenance the PO could have let slip he did. So far I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm very happy with my $900 purchase.

Hmmm , lets see ... What I started out with had 29 K on some of the parts . Then I picked up a bunch of stuff with about 6K , after which I loaded up on whatever I felt comfortable with as replacements for any parts that seemed beyond good service . Those replacements came from all over the country and nary a single one had an odometer attached to it .

After I finished building my XT , I took the best speedometer of the bunch and set the odometer to 00000.0 . Now it has less than 20 miles of woods and any other rough off road terrain I could find for 'testing' . Just the day before yesterday , I insured and plated the bike for legal on road use . This weekend I'll tack a few on road miles .

A 1990 with a shade under 50k KM on her, so about 30k miles.......smokes a bit lol

just bought a 84 xt 250 with a 86 xt 350 motoer on it The odometer has almost 3,000miles on it but the motor is a question love it Trying to figure out the kicking of it but runs great

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