My Skid Plate Dissapeared...Sell me one??

I don't know if I took it off while changing the oil and accidentally threw it away or if the skid plate fairy came by and took it but my skid plate has gone missing. I know a lot of you guys have upgraded your skid plate to aftermarket but as I do little off road on my SM I have no real use for one of the super tough ones. Does anyone have the OEM aluminum skid plate just laying around that the would be willing to part with? I'll pay for it plus shipping but please be reasonable.

I've got the following for trade if interested:

-Fork Saver (for smalls bikes i.e. 50cc)

-2005 YZ450F New radiator shroud plastics, blue.

-One set of valve shims (4). You tell me the size. I've got the HotCams shim kit for DRZ's.

PM me, you can have mine for just the shipping.


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