HOTCAM assembly lube

Hi i bought a stage 1 hotcam for XR650R and forgot to buy assembly lube :smirk: i live in West Africa and cant get it here. I do have some hi pressure spline / shaft grease and was wondering whether i could mix this with engine oil to use on the lobes for the initial start up, or just use gear oil on lobes ??

Engine will be run straight away after assembly.

Assembly lube is high pressure moly and it goes on the lobes only. Engine oil for the cam jounals, ensure the cams rotate freely before putting the cam chain on (but have the cam caps torqued down properly).

thanks for tips, i know is high pressure moly that is why was wondering if i could use maybe spline grease (high pressure grease) mixed with gear oil for eg (cant get high pressure moly here)

If memory serves me, the Hotcam instructions list a couple of options for assembly lube. I would not wander too far afield from Hotcam's recommendations (in case of warranty issues). CV joint lube seems like one that is listed. It should be readily available.

50/50 moly/oil mixture........doesn`t matter when it comes to warranty anyway.....they are a large manufaturer and will ALWAYS blame the customer if the part fails.they will never claim liability.......that would be stupid:smirk:


i put asembly lube on the journels also should i stop doing that?

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