Fat Bars on an 06?

Hey guys, sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'd like to know before I spend the $$ on new bars.

I have an 06 RM250 RC replica and I am looking at the RC High FatBars.

The stock bars have the "FatBar" sticker on them, so I am assuming they are and I will not have to change the clamps? Will I need to get new longer cables or will the OEM fit okay?

Thanks in advance.


You should have no problem with those bars. I believe all the newer RM's came with 1 1/8" bars stock, so the clamps should be good to go. And the cables should be fine; you won't change the height enough to make them too short.

RC high Renthal's are the bars I run on my bikes along with a +10mm bar clamp.I am a tall guy.No problem with cables or front brake hose.

same same

my model is 2007

no problem, I have the high RC bend and it fit perfect

Outstanding. I ordered them and will have them on the 25th. Hoping they will help my 6'4body be a little more comfie standing.

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