XR400 does Moab - pics

Just spent a week riding around Moab. Chicken Corners, Hurrah Pass, Gemini Bridges, Schafet Trail, Potash Road, Kane Creek, White Rim Trail. The XR performed flawlessly - about 600 miles for the week, or about 100 per day. Took a beating each day and never had an issue. Love the Edelbrock carb - starts easy and never an issue to restart after dropped. Could not have imagined the stock carb on this trip.

Loading the bike for the daily trips was easy - wolfman tank bag and tail bag plus fender bag with tire tools and spare tube. Would have liked a bigger tank bag. Thought I would need extra gas for the White Rim Trail ride so I strapped a 2 gallon can to the back - never even touched reserve so it was not needed. Amazingly the can did not leak a drop after taking a beating for over 100 miles.

Put on D606's right before the trip. Knew I would be doing some asphalt so I wanted something more road friendly - replaced the Kenda Trackmasters. They were great on the asphalt (quiet and stable) and got the job done in the dirt - including loose rock and sand. Very happy with them.

If you have never done Moab do yourself a favor and put it on your list. The White Rim Trail is the ultimate dual sport ride - incredible scenery and some challenging parts that keep it intersting.

Enjoy the pics!





awesome pics!!! sounds like a great ride. you ride alone?


Thats what I'm talkin bout! Yes, I'm jealous. :prof: Looks like a trip to remember for sure. :smirk:

I rode with my brother in law and buddy. Quite a collection of bikes. Me on my XR, my brother in law on a KLR and my buddy on a GS1150. I was the "scout" on the trip - going ahead or checking out sections before they would ride them. My brother in law had the same conclusion I did after riding all of the trails on a KLR - bring a dirt bike next time. My buddy on the GS is a great rider and I can't believe he did all of these trails on a 600 lb GS. Not sure if it took more balls than brains to ride that GS on all of those trails.

Very nice trip report! I've always wondered myself why manufacturers tend to build "dual sports" like street bikes with 'mostly on road' tires and some extra suspension travel. Having a bike like the XR on road isn't the greatest or most comfortable trip ever, but as soon as you hit the dirt not having to throw around an extra couple hundred pounds of bike sure makes a difference.

Moab is definitely on my to-do list, even more so now after having heard first hand. Thanks!

I am jealous. I have only had the 400 out to Moab once and the 250 once also. I can't decide if I like to drive (12 years in the truck) or ride the trails more. Either way that area is an absolute "bucket list" item. If you go once you'll go every year...


Wow...Wow....friggin wow...I live in florida and took a trip to Dead Horse Point. We camped in the topper and woke to 2" of hail on the ground. 1986 I think. Had two street bikes so had to stick to the pavement. Never seen such an amazing place. The street bikes were nice when we got to Las Vegas though.


cool pics thanks for sharing. nice bike

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