Bent subframe on my YZ :(

Did a nice job on the YZ this weekend :smirk:







Was WFO in 3rd gear in the whoops and went over the handlebars, the bike did one more whoop on its own a did a front flip & landed upside down on the corner of the seat and silencer. Apparently it was quite the spectacle lol.

I ordered a used subframe on Ebay, seemed in pretty good shape on the picture. I hope that's all the got bent :S

Before / After pics to come soon!

glad u r alright

bike can be repair.


Good luck on rebuild!!

had that happen to me before on a LTZ400, bought new sub frame and fixed it all

glad u r alright

bike can be repair.



Got a busted rib that makes me whine like a nancy boy every time I sneeze, cough or get the hickups. But it could have been a LOT worse lol I was lucky :smirk:

Damn, that just LOOKS painful!

Busted ribs heal up quick!

Least it's a good time to paint a new frame and make it look even better than before :smirk:

thatll buff right out

is the silencer toast as well or will you just weld it up?

Nah, I'm gonna try to sayve the silencer. I'll drill the two rivets that holds the tip, try to straighten the tip, a bit of ultra copper slillicon + new rivets and it should be good to go.

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