ktm 50sx clutch & hub assembly, where to buy

i am needing to buy a complete clutch assembly including the hub. any suggestions on where to buy good quality at a fair price?

Are you looking for OEM or Tomar/Dominator ?

looking for an oem setup. i have a tomar and love it but i am needing to meet ama rules on an upcoming race.

When we were running our fiddy there are two places I would order parts from. K2 cycle supply and apachemotorcycles.com . apachemotorcycles has pretty good prices on the oem parts. I would order the clutch arbor and shoes from apache and the washers from K2. I have ordered martin slater clutch before and the clutch arbor broke in 10 min and the shoes /washers were junk. You get what you pay for !

K2 also has a shim kit that you will need to get the clutch stack to the right height

Thanks a lot

http://cyclesportscenter.com/ Their prices can't be beat. Its where I get all my parts from. Takes about 3 days to get.

thanks for all the suggestions.

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