Installing HOTCAM, got a question.


im installing a hotcam on my xr650r and noticed this little plunger type thing with a thin pin that sits inside the head, it sits basically right under where the auto decomp was on the original cam.

What is this thing? what do i do with it? i can push it in, and it springs back up but i tried a slight force to lift it out and could not! didnt wanna try to hard and cause any damage before i find out what it is. do i just leave it be, as im not sure if it can be removed without removing the cylinder head?


That is the plunger that operates the anti-kickback on your decompression device. It sits in a blind hole and needs to come out for the hotcam install. It should just lift out with a pair of pliars.


thanks guys.

Tonight i was going to remove it but it didnt come out, so another better look and i noticed it had a circlip holding the plunger in, so it couldnt come out.

In that case, i just left it in there as it cant do any damage, i was just afraid of it popping out as i didnt know what was holding it in there.

you don't need to take it out it's held in place with a clip.

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