Street Legalizing 08' RM-Z 450??

Well I'm tryin to go over my options with my bike cause I feel limited. I just bought a used 08' RM-z 450 2 months ago and just noticed the other day that the frame is nearly cracked in half on the front down tube. I'm thinking of having it reinforced and welded...but don't know if I'll be able to trust her again with jumps and hard riding. I was wondering if anyone has street legalized a supermoto version of this bike and what you need to do to make it...I saw a kit on for like $1500 that includes most of it. I hate to do it but i wanna keep her and think she would be a ball on the road with the 5 speed. Let me know what you think I should do...

Well first i know you need to check local laws, because Canada has complety shut down mx bikes being coverted to street legal bikes, and i would trust your frame as long as you have a guy that knows how to weld aluminum, as far as kits go just look on the web........good luck :smirk:

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