About how long will it take me to install Smart Performance kit (03 yz250)

Hey guys, my kit from Dave is on it's way and was wondering from others who have done the install about how long would you estimate for a first-timer to install? I'm doing both front and rear. I plan to take my time and make sure I get everything right, but curious as to how long I can plan to be down.

I have done a fork rebuild before, but nothing with the valves.


i would bank on the best part of a day for front and rear for a 1st time.

If not more... it took me 2 days to complete mine my first time, 1 day front and 1 day rear my first time because I took my time,cleaned and inspected everything very meticulously (more so I understood how things worked), took pics, and made sure everything was perfect. I suppose I could have gotten it done in one day though if I would have spent 14 hours straight doing it.

I took two days. I assembled the shim stacks on both the front and rear the first day so I could allow the Loctite to dry over night and finished it on the second day.

Ditto on the two days. Of course I did 4 forks on day 1 and two shocks on day two :smirk: (two bikes)

Thanks guys. Another question. I need an impact wrench so was thinking about picking one up at Lowes. Would the cordless ones be strong enough to do this? There's a 14.4 volt one on sale for $99 that will do up to 88ft lbs it's says, but not sure that equates to "breaking" power.

What do you need an impact for? Your suspension? Ive never used an impact for my suspension.

If your just talking for general bike maint. it will work. I use one from time to time on stubborn bolts when doing rebuilds, but usually the only ones that need it are the neglected and well rusted bikes. Dont know if an electric impact would cut it for those bolts though.

for the base valves.

Got ya, shouldnt need an impact though... I didnt need one. Id try it without one first and save yourself $100

did you use some type of holder tool or just an allen wrench?

Only specialty tools I have are a Shock spring compressor, damper rod holder, sag scale and seal driver. Probably dont need all of those but they def make the job easy and save some time.

damper rod holder is the thing with notches on the end correct? my understanding is you need this OR an impact.

Yes... that is correct.

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