completely stripped nut on cylinder

I have a completely stripped nut on my cylinder. The bolt has no corners and is almost completely round. I have a 2001 CR250r. The bolt is on the left side. It is towards the exhaust. So anyone who knows this bike good will know that bolt is snug! For those of you who don't,,r:6,s:15&tx=130&ty=53&biw=1152&bih=638. It is the bolt opposite the bolt under the PV or CRV. Its in a super tight spot! There is barely room for a wrench let alone vice grips. See the problem is that I need to put a new gasket on, I'm losing coolant. Now how do I get this annoying bolt off? I've already wacked a few cabinets with a hammer and thought about just beating the bike with the hammer too. lol

them stripped bolts can be a bugger. dynamite in the gas tank will get it loose :smirk:

Check your local tool shop for a damaged nut remover, its a socket designed to remove damaged and rusted bolts i have a set and it comes in very handy for situations just like this. Hope this helps

@KTM-548cc i am really thinking about it man! Or just driving it off a cliff! That'll get the damn bolt loose! @1996CR250Guy, sockets wont fit. It's to tight of a spot! The dynamite idea is starting to sound really good right about now!

the only other thing i could suggest would be to grind a small groove into the nut so as to get a hammer and chisel punch on it, and heat the nut with a torch to cause it to expand then try getting it loose with the hammer and chisel punch.

you should be able to get it off with carefull application of a hammer and a chisel. first you whack it streight on with the chisel to try to loosen the nut some by expanding it. then you go at it at an angle trying to turn it. Sometimes it is good to start with a sharp chisel to expand it and get the notch started for turning it, then dull it so it does not cut the nut but allows you to get a good whack into it to try to turn it

nut cracker probebly wont work on it.

id use a dremil to cut a good deep notch into it and heat it right up and give it a cuple good wacks with a dull cold chisle.

I like your idea choppertown!! Im gonna grab a dremel and see if that"ll work. I'll be back later on to let ya'll know if the dremil worked or if i just sawed it into 50 small pieces.

i didnt even see your link hardhitwarrior. That shit looks like a damn problem solver right there!! Do they sell them at Shops?

It will take about 30 seconds to remove the nut with a sharp chisel and a hammer.

Go to the motorcycle machine shop. They can remove the bolt without any further damage. Good luck.

Yeah I called before I made this post greg-15...They want $85 an hour. They will take their time and milk the shit out of the hourly rate!! Im not gonna pay a few hundred smackeroos for a freakin bolt man!

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