09 sm450RR what is it worth?

I am going to take an 09 SM450RR in on trade for a bike that I am selling. The second R is not a misprint. It is a real Race replica. I will want to sell it since I am a dirt rider and dont see much pavement. I need to know what value to place on it for a quick sale. The bike is like new with maybe 3 or 4 miles on it.It includes all the extra goodies that came with the bike from the dealer. Never raced.Headlite and tail light have been added and it has been street titled in CT. I would appreciate any help that anyone may be able to contribute.



Tough call, MSRP on the '09 RR's was something like $15,000 but Husky was cleaning out the warehouse in the fall 2010 and sold some for something like $8,000 since no one was buying them. I think a quick sale price really depends on where you are and if there is an active supermoto racing scene. If there is, there may be someone that knows the value of that bike, if not, your going to have to give it away.

Good luck!

And wholesale was quite a bit less then the $8k number for a new bike out of the crate. It's not technically a street legal bike, however it might be fairly easy to get it tagged/titled anywhere but CA.

I'd say it's private party sale value could be in the $55-6000 arena.

Thanks guys. unfortunately I did the deal before I read your thoughts. I have him $8k trade in. Oh well, I will put it on ebay and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

Best to put it on Supermotojunkie.com there must be a racer onthere that needs one..

Will do. Thanks

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