Is the 426 Mechanically sound?

I have been debating about getting a 426 (2000) and have gotten over the 4s -vs- 2s thing but, I have heard about quite a number of people having problems with the '26 and it's parts. namely:

-Clutch basket

-Rear hub

-"Shift pin"(is this related to the CB?)

-"dropping valves"

I know bikes in general have problems but, I am hearing about things that cost thousands on the YZF.


I had a 2000 w/o any of those problems. Last weekend I had a Yamaha Dealer call me to offer a 2001 426 for cost + tax. $5200.00 w/o tax. That is a great price for a new bike.......

If you're getting it from a dealer, purchase the extended warranty even though the bike will most likely never develop any problems.

The nature of the machine warrants doing so.

I have a 00' 426. My bike has been an absolute dream! No fouled plugs, no weird noises, no clutch problems,no tranny problems, start first kick every time ,oh I can go on and on........

Moto express...........

Just a tidbit for ya

My friends (2bros) both bought the 01' kx250

One had the rear susp lnkg bolt come undone and destroyed everything back there.

He went to borrow younger bro's linkage for that wknds race and discovered the bolt on that POS was nearly out also.

How much $ did Kawi back the bike?


Just mite want to check yours.

tighten it

trade on the 426

Kawi's cust svc is ZZEROOOO

My other frnd w/brand new ZX12 strt bike had a warped rotor as they wheeled it out the door for the first time and they didn't want to pay for that............WHAT????

The bike hadn't even been ridden by anyone!

As soon as they had their $ they wanted 0 to do with the problems!

Is that cust svc or WHAT?

RIDE BLUE my friend!

I may even buy a HOnda b4 a KAWI!





That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!


I just talked to my local yammie service dept. and their 'unbiased' opinion on the issues with the 426 was lack of maintenence on the owners part(Not changing the oil regularly, not tightening bolts, abusing the clutch) "that bike is bullet proof". They also said that they don't offer extended warrantys on MXers. FWIW

Double post

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Extended warranties are not offered by Yamaha, but through insurance companies that work with the dealers.

I would suspect that not all dealers offer this. Check around.

Motoxpress -

Go for the '01 426. I have had mine for 5 months now and ride/race every weekend and have had absolutely ZERO problems! Besides the usual changing of the oil (every 2 rides at the most) and greasing everything in sight, I've done nothing to the bike. Lookin' forward to the '02s!

I agree w/Flyin Flynn I have had my 01' YZ426 since Nov. 15 2000 and have only had 1 problem. Which is I cant get enough of this bike and it is WAY TOO much fun!



My 00 426 lost 4th pinion gear. Otherwise, the bike was good. But, I don't like shelling out 800.00 after I just paid 6200.00 for a new bike, not to mention being without a bike for two months because of backordered parts. Give me a break? With no help from Yamaha, they no longer have my business.

Hey There,

Yes it is...and they also said the Titanic was unsinkable... :)

My friend, no one can tell you what to do. You've only opened Pandora's Box with this question. Some have had no problems, others have had to shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars for issues clearly not their fault.

Some say -

" Give me Blue, or Give me Death ! "

Others say -

" A Red one, A Red one, my YZ for a Red one "

Then others say -

" Go away boy, ya bother me! "

Take your pick. I know I'm razin' everyone, but your dealing with emotions, what people are willing to tolerate, what they are not, what they will fix themselves and say what the heck, and what they feel the manufacturer is responsible for, lock, stock and barrel.

Think about this...

The question isn't whether the 2000 or 2001 YZ426 is mechanically sound....we know the answer to that one...

The real question is...

Is Yamaha, the manufacturer of the 2000 or 2001 YZ426 Responsible to its customers?

( They say the proof is in the puddin'. Let's see what kinda puddin' comes when the YZ4?? comes out for 2002, and 2003. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Three times, and you're out! )

Servey Says ???

God's Speed!


YZ426 Kicks

BTW Just so everyone knows. I ride mainly (90%) MX so, for 4 strokes I don't see many other options. I am just drawn by the traction and broad powerband. Honestly, I have never ridden the thing on a track, only up and down a paved road (Took it easy on the knobbys) so, I may not have enough info to go on but, I thinking about getting 426 and selling the brand new '01 KX 250 that I havn't even ridden yet.

Originally posted by motoman393:

I agree w/Flyin Flynn I have had my 01' YZ426 since Nov. 15 2000 and have only had 1 problem. Which is I cant get enough of this bike and it is WAY TOO much fun!


Thats 2 problems Motoman but I agree with you wholeheartedly go for the 426


Tony Montana

Mine must have been built Friday close to closing time. Changed oil every ride (yes every ride), adjusted valves every 10 rides. Two engines later I bought a KTM. I'll bet I could find an ex ktm guy who now rides a YZ.

Roll the dice, take a chance, the vast majority work great.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I have a 2000 YZ 426F and absolutely love it! I haven't had any problems with my bike whatsoever. This is without a doubt the best bike I've ever owned. As long as you take care of the bike it shouldn't give you any problems. Change the oil quite often (every 3-5 rides) because these bad boys barely hold more than a quart of oil. Other than that, put premium in the tank and let 'er rip!


Power valves and reeds may break my bones, but valves and cams excite me!

Is a frog's ass water tight? :)


Same here- I've had my '00 for about a year and the only thing I've had to do to it other than normal maintenance is change a fouled plug one time. I've spent alot of time babying it though...


i'm on my third one, and 2 out of three have been flawless for the most part. my had issues with the crank, and i had a wierd failure on my intake cam (gear spun on the shaft). otherwise, i can say the following:

i have had no clutch basket issues on any of them. yes, the clutch on my '00 426 is grabby when cold, but i sort of pre-oil it while warming the bike up, and most of that disappears.

i am convinced that rear hub problems are a result of overtightening the chain.

no tranny problems whatsoever.

never heard of a dropped valve in one of these bikes.


will pattison

racer, engineer

I've got a '00 426, and have put about 3000 miles on it in the year that I've had it. I've had no problems at all and the bike always seems to get me home. My only problem is that I go through rear tires like crazy. A few 100-mile rides out here in the Antelope Valley is all she wrote. I'm sure this partly due to wheelspin caused by rider input, but riding this beast is a blast and I can't help myself.


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