2008 rmz 250...... 13-51 gearing??

just bought an 08 rmz and its got 13-51 sprockets on it.

I was under impression 12-48 was the standard. Welll if going up one on the front is equal to three on the back, then does the gearing on my bike equal out to the same os stock gearing or is my bike geared too low/high??

Im a bit confuse, any help would be appreciated as this is a new chain and sprocket set, ta.

If you want to figure out your gear ratio here is how you do it:

Divide your rear gear by your front gear(i.e.51/13) to get your ratio: 3.92

Stock gearing on my 2007 was 12/48 or 4.00 ratio

Most magazine testing recommends 13/50 or 3.84

The lower the number the more acceleration, but the lower the top speed and you will go through a gear and have to shift sooner

The higher the number the less acceleration, but the higher the top speed and the longer it will take to have to shift between gears.

The 12 front sprocket will probably make the chain wear out faster too since it has to turn such a tight loop. I would stick with a 13 front and vary the back to suit your terrain. When I was up in the Northeast racing hare scrambles I ran 13/50 and lived mostly in 2nd or 3rd gear a lot of the time. I am in Virginia now and there are a lot of fast 5th gear areas so I am going to try a 13/49 this time when I replace the chain.

Gear ratios are one of the best, easiest, and cheapest tuning methods out there.

cheers, thanks for your advice, very helpful

We run 13/50 and 12/50 depending on the track

i ran 13-50 worked wonders

harescramble is close ... the higher number is more acceleration and lower speed.. the lower the number is less acceleration and more speed... for example a 13-51 wood be better for woods and 13-48 would be better for really fast tracks..

I went to 13/50 upon the recomendation of a few on this forum and really like it. I also put a DRD Full system which I found really helped smooth out the power.

Used 13/50 for ages, bought a Supersprox steel outer ring sprocket and it lasted a season. Dropped the front sprocket down to a 12 the other week and wow:jawdrop: I'm sticking to this ratio now for tight tracks, the bike is so much more responsive out of turns I started over jumping stuff!

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