2003 ttr125 fork specs and oil level

I posted the same on the suspension page. I have a ttr125. The guy I got it from gave me a manual but it does not show the correct suspension for the bike. It lists an L bike but not an LE. The bike appears to have the upgraded suspension. The manual I have showed the fork spings to have a limit of a little over 12 inches. The ones I pulled out are around 16". Also the oil is about two inches lower than the specs I have.

Does anyone have the specs for the limits on spring length and Fork oil level?

The only difference between the L and the LE is E=Electric Start..

There are four versions of the TTR125. They are TTR125, TTR125E, TTR125L, TTR125LE. L = Large wheel(19" Front, 16" Rear).

The manual you have should cover all four models, as there is not a specific manual for each of them.

Look in your manual again. Sounds like you quoted the spring length for the TTR125 (NON-L) at 327mm (12.87 in). In the same manual you should have the L model specs showing a size of 453.6 mm (17.86 in)??

I am looking at the "Fork spring free length" in the 2003 TTR125 Service manual. See page 5-35.

If your suspension is upgraded, then the factory manual is not going to help much in this case.

I'll feel like a real idiot if it was there the whole time just on a different page.

When I say upgrade I should have said option for the different rear shock. The one with the compression and rebound adjustments. The forks also have the preload adjusters.

I guess haste does make waste. Thanks for the info!!:smirk:

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