Barkbusters on the klx 250

"So it is written, so it shall be done".

What a PITA. Why the hell would Kawi weld two inch solid steel tubes into the

bar ends on the KLX? Safety? Strength? Neither mean diddley when your clutch or front brake lever snaps in half after you bounce off a tree doing 35. Don't they know everyone will be installing hand guards by now? Anyway, after a fat steel drill bit and a Bosch Impact Drill along with enough elbow grease to get the job done, the Barkbusters are in! Ain't they perty? Once you drill the bar ends out, the rest is simple. I almost threw the bike over on purpose just to test them out (kidding!) They seem pretty bullet proof. .. :smirk:

Here's my new rear brake master cylinder guard as well...

I just bought a set of BB for my wifes DR and came across the same problem.

I have been debating drilling just a bolt size hole vs. a hole big enough for the mounting plug vs just getting new bars. No decision yet.

Bottom line you got-r-done and it looks good

BB looks really good with your white klx :smirk:

maybe Kawi expect every one of us to change the handlebar with after market ones :smirk:

White looks good, now mount some smaller led turn signals!

I put a set of moose bark busters on and I made the smart decision to drill and tapp the bars to the bolt size in the kit, worked awesome in fact better than the stupid way of secureing the gaurds that the kit came with.

I'd recommend a handlebar upgrade if you want to mount barkbusters. The stock bars are pretty cheap and flimsy.

The bars are a lot stronger than you think. Our bike has been dropped several times and still not really bent. Now the bend is not good!

all that protection on your bike...yet its so clean will you ever use the protection. ? ha! sorry, couldn't resist.

Haha you are so right! First oil change this week then I can go play in the mud! Can't wait....:smirk:

...JUst for the record..Went to enduro track in the mud this weekend. The bike was amazing, and the barkbusters did there job when I crashed on the top of a table top in the mud. A few scratches on the bike, but not me :ride:

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