Hip Problem-What would Dr. Mark do?

Dx: Femoro-acetabular impingement-Rt.Hip. Minimal, occasional pain. Crepitus.

Despite mild, discomfort, I'm definitely becoming weaker and more guarded on that side. Saw one ortho doc who wants to do arthroscopic surgery to correct. I'm concerned about it getting worse and wearing out my joint and possibly causing arthritis or worse. No MRI was done as yet. Very active, fit, 60 yo male.

(Still kick starting the XR650R-don't ask me why I still have such a bike:bonk:)

Have you done any of these Dr. Mark?

Minimal. occasional pain, I would take Celebrex and do nothing.

Hello.. I am a new member of this forum. I found out RJC's post and I have thesame problem with him.. actually DrMark I have a hip minimal pain down to my legs., I felt discomfort sitting down in doing my work. I am 22 yrs. young,. take irregular exercises..

Can you give me some advice?

Pain when sitting down is more likely an issue of referred pain from a slipped disk than with the hip.

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