best souding 4-stroke

i was reading this thread a while back and it had this video of a yamaha snowmobile (4-stroke)ripping around in powder, and i cant find the thread! ive looked through like 100 pages, if any one knows what thread im talking about or can find the video on youtube of the the yamaha ripping around can you help me out ?:smirk:

"best sounding 4 stroke" there isn't one!!!!! infack they are going to be the death of our sprot because people don't like the noise..... They too loud!!!!

2 strokes FTW


(no offense 4s lovers)

Ferrari F1 engine


Either a Ferrari V 12 or a worked Mopar

That thread may be in Town Squre if not here in General.

xt500 if we are talking singles

imo all modern 4 valve singles sound shite

this, is the best sounding sled alive/

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whilst trading my xr100 for a yz125 someone started what i think was a yz450. it probably had some yoshi pipes, sounds like it would rip your head off :smirk:

Harley Davidson.

OK ya got me, there is no "best sounding" 4 stroke!, but yea thanks for the replies, i looked through that thread and did not see the video of the sled?:smirk: maybe it was another similar thread,

but does anyone know of a video where a yamaha apex or something very similar is just digging through some deep snow??!!? :banghead:sounds sickkkk, in the vid the sled is not to far from the camera, its not one of a sled hella far away.

^^ H-D? Please. Noise pollution.

Ducati 1198. Absolute music.

heres a nice sounding 4 stroke. my bobber wih its mild cams in it.

Honda CX500

i've been riding for 32 years and ride mostly off road, although i've owned sportbikes, a supermoto, 50s, you name it...but never a HD. but there are so many things right about that bobber of choppertowns, i don't see how any true biker could knock it. that bike is sick.

oo, old war planes deffinitly have gnarly sounding motors.

and, thankyou farmer72

OP from thread you were looking for.

heres the video

2001 yz250f stock exhaust flat out. best sounding bike by a mile

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